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                     I'm Pavana

I am a passionate, dynamic, technically savvy professional with expertise in Python, JavaScript and Machine Learning.  I always believe in constant learning and that steered my passion towards Computer Science where I explored several areas ranging from machine learning to software development. I have always been a strong creative and critical thinker with necessary communication skills to collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional leaders.

Pavana Doddi

Graduate Student




"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do . So, Explore. Dream. Discover" - Jackson Brown Jr.

Visualizing LSST Supernoavae Data (D3.js, Python, Three.js and MongoDB)

✓ Used data visualization techniques to combine the overall spatial analysis of stellar.
✓ Partnered with astronomers from Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics.

✓ Data with the detailed 2d light curve data, being able to see these two types of data changing over time.

✓ Navigated through 3-dimensional representation of past SNe and LSST SNe datasets.

Dr. Aaron Geller, Astronomer, Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics
(CIERA), Northwestern University and Adler Planetarium
Dr. Mark SubbaRao, Astronomer, Director of the Space Visualization Laboratory, Adler Planetarium

Oct  2019-Dec  2019
Visual Data Analytics
Oct 2019-Dec 2019
Machine Learning
Stock Prediction Using Random Forests(Python)

✓ Designed a model to predict stocks (growth or drop in prices) sing Random forests ensemble learning methods

✓ Evaluated the model using evaluation metrics like Precision, Accuracy and Recall.

Jan 2018-March 2018
Website Development
Acumen IT Website (Postgres SQL, Python and Django framework)

✓  Designed a complete website which allows students to register, participate in competitions with online leaderboards functionality and payment portals.

✓  Had caching and recovery mechanisms which ensured minimum latency and availability.

 Aug 2019-May 2021

Master's Degree Computer Science

University Of Illinois at Chicago


Introduction to Algorithms

Introduction to Machine Learning 

Data Visualization.

Jan 2019- April 2019

Software Development Intern


Contributed to development of website for an interior design company using JavaScript, JQuery HTML, CSS and PostgreSQL.
Incorporated Agile methodology to create the website.
Modified websites based on changing customer requirements.
Contributed to API development, search engine optimization of the website and collaborative editing features.

Aug 2015- May 2019

Bachelor's Degree Computer Science

Osmania University, Hyderabad


Data Structures
Object Oriented Programming Languages
Introduction to Networking
Introduction to Data Mining
Operating Systems


Office bearer of Entrepreneurship cell (Swayam):

Organized events which involves brainstorming sessions for new entrepreneurship ideas and funding those ideas based on merit.

Office bearer of Toastmasters Club:

Evaluated the performance of participants in weekly held sessions.


Microservices Development

Data Visualization

Website Development

Machine Learning

Data Engineering

Database Query Processing


I am a JavaScript developer. I have been developing websites using JavaScript libraries like D3.js, React Gatsby and nodeJS as a part of my college curriculum and work experience.


I love to code in Python. I have used python for developing Machine Learning algorithms. I have used python libraries like scikit-learn, numpy and pandas for developing classification models like SVM, Decision trees and LSTM.


I have used PostgresSQL and MySQL for storing data and querying as a backend for websites. I have developed API's that query the database and process the data for specific use cases.


Pavana Doddi

Graduate Student



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